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Relationships Cycles Free

Relationships Cycles

02/19/2019 / No Comments

The brain is very powerful and intuned with your partner. Your brain can track your partner until it’s dysregulated.

Marriage Seminar 2009 (Audio Only) Coming Soon

Marriage Seminar 2009 (Audio Only)

09/24/2018 / No Comments

This audio is a copy of Dr. Jenkins’ marriage seminar presented to the Bonner Spring’s Church of Christ in 2009 for his doctoral dissertation.

What’s Your Family Type

What’s Your Family Type

09/09/2018 / No Comments

Dr. Jenkins, DMin presented this to a government audience in 2012. Do you come from a Colony, a Herd, Solitary…

Protect Your Daughter Free

Protect Your Daughter

09/09/2018 / No Comments

Dr. Dave can help you eliminate some regrets by teaching parents how to vet and screen out the young men that come with heartache and baggage.